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When looking around the house these days, we find dozens of little electronic creatures plugged into a large number of the electrical receptacles and very slowly sucking the kiloWatt hours out of the electrical circuits. They are stealthy and quiet. Only some of them blink with a tiny control light or a small display. They do not have bloody teeth but they are Vampires. The loads they create are called the Vampire loads. Each of them separately, will barely create a small fractional load for a house or office, but the sheer amount of them multiplied by 24/7/365 mode of the operation makes them the remarkable opponent.

A very short list of the little monsters includes: the clocks on the stove and the microwave, the free standing electronic clocks and the alarm clocks, the wireless phones, the chargers for: batteries, power tools, cellphones, I pods, electric toothbrushes and electric shavers, the e books, the modems, the routers, the hibernating computers, the forgotten printers and the scanners, the remote wireless controlled ceiling fans, the TV sets, the dvrs, the dvd players, etc.

Some of them have to be turned on 24 hours a day, but do we really need so many clocks around the house? Others, like the remote wireless controlled electronics and devices , are ready to jump into action at any moment. Keeping them at attention costs kiloWatts. On the other hand, turning the TV set on three seconds later, using the manual on/off switch does not really make a huge difference. Hibernating computers still use power, but it is so easy to plug them together with the rest of the computer hardware into a switchable Power Center. The battery chargers use some power when they do not charge anything. A majority of them could be plugged into the common switchable Power Center and be used only when the electricity rate is at its lowest, at night and weekends.

The fight with all these Vampires does not require wooden sticks or silver bullets. Apply some common sense and do not forget to turn off that on/off switch at the Power Center installed by The Green Electrician, please.

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