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The record of the natural gas supply safety at the transportation and the customer supply end is good in Canada. Several safety measures and procedures were put in place and they appear to be working well.

In the recent years the new valid concerns regarding the methods of getting the natural gas out of the ground are strongly voiced. It is the environmental safety where the huge question mark is placed. Canada has the very abundant and easily accessible natural gas reserves. The conventional drilling kept the natural gas price on an acceptable level with some regular upward tendency due to the speculative nature of the energy market.

In the year 1998 the new drilling technology called the hydraulic fracturing or the fracking was introduced widely around the world. Fracking caused the natural gas prices to drop significantly and stay down. Fracking involves the hydraulic fracturing of the methane rich layers of the shales and collecting the methane freed from the rock structure.
There are several awkward environmental effects of fracking. The short list of the effects includes:
-contamination of the ground and the atmosphere with methane
-contamination of the ground and the atmosphere with chemicals used
-introducing the local radioactivity
-introducing the local seismicity
The above effects are strong enough to cause ban or suspension of fracking in dozens of countries around the world. In Canada there is a strong anti fracking opposition in British Columbia, Quebec and Nova Scotia.
To check the up to date status of the fracking, and its impact on the environment and human safety, please visit The Wikipedia.

There is a couple of additional, not so widely known, facts about the shale gas/methane:
-it is believed that there are rich shale gas layers under Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and the GTA
-methane/shale gas is 30 times more powerful than CO2, when it comes to destroying the ozone layer and promoting global warming.

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