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The Power Centre is the multi outlet receptacle setup used to plug in several electrical devices at the same time. It could be switch on/off or powered up constantly 24/7. To make it a switchable simple on/off switch or a programmable timer could be used. Power centres or power bars are available on the market, as a multi outlet short extension cord.

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can install The Power Centre as a multi gang wall receptacle switched by a regular on/off switch, or a programmable timer. Power Centre could be used for example as an easy power on/off for all computer system devices in one location. Another application of a Power Centre is getting together, in a convenient location, all battery chargers for cellphones, cameras, power tools, flashlights, etc, and making them usable only during the low off-peak electricity price rate, when a programmable switch is installed. In both of the above applications vampire loads from multiple low power electronic devices are completely eliminated, when the Power Centre is turned off. The whole set of loads are very easy to turn on and use when needed.

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