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The recessed lights or potlights became popular in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and the GTA quite a while ago and have many advocates. Pot light installation is composed of several recessed lights connected together and supplied from the same circuit. They are completely hidden inside the ceiling, with only the front face of the fixture remaining on the ceiling surface.

Here is the first disadvantage of such a location, a very limited range of directing the light produced by the fixture towards any good reflecting surface. The floor that the recessed light looks down at is usually dark and only a limited amount of the light bounces off the floor. To counter this unfortunate set of the circumstances, a more powerful light source is used. Only in North America up to 50Watt bulbs are allowed in the popular 4 inch DIA recessed lights. It puts huge thermal stress on the fixture and the environment in the surrounding ceiling. Each light has its own thermal safety off switch and in the case of the insulated ceiling, each light has to be installed in a spacious metal box securing a prescribed distance between the fixture and the thermal insulation present in the ceiling.

The second disadvantage of the typical recessed potlights system is the quantity of the lights used in the installation. Due to the light direction being straight downward, and the relatively long distance between the ceiling and the floor, a large number of lights is used to get a bright effect. Systems consisting of the 6 to 12 units are popular. Usually, each unit is equipped with a 50Watt halogen bulb, which brings us to a whopping 300 to 600Watts per system. Just imagine, what will this electric heating element do to the ceiling and to the hydro bill! The double whammy is, the energy bill paid to remove above mentioned heat from your house when using the air conditioner! In the winter time the heat created by the recessed lights is all in the wrong places, at least half a meter above your head, does not help heat up cold feet.

pot light insulated box 1pot light insulated box 2

The careful consideration has to be given to the location of the recessed potlight system. It is a necessity in the less than 7 feet low ceiling of the finished basement, where the regular light fixture would create a serious obstruction. On the other hand, a recessed light located in the house's top floor insulated ceiling will create a huge opening in the home's thermal envelope, making the attic insulation obsolete and useless.

Recessed lights come in the two basic categories, depending on the power supply. The regular 120V AC variety supplied directly from the home grid, and 12V DC low voltage variety using the separate transformer for each fixture. In the high temperature ceiling environment the transformers and the bulbs tend to live the very short lives, and replacing them is cumbersome and expensive. Now it is your decision, whether or not, you want The Green Electrician to install a recessed lights system for you, with the LED bulbs to avoid all thermal problems, perhaps?

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