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There is a wide variety of the smaller devices consuming kiloWatt hours of the electrical energy, and located around the house. Some of them are necessary for our everyday life. The medium sized objects like the fridge, the electric garage door opener, or the sump pump in the basement are indispensable.

Many electrical devices are handy and easy to oversize and overuse. The microwave oven, the toaster, the electric water kettle, the range hood fan, the dishwasher, the freezer, the ceiling fan, the computer and home entertainment equipment center, the central vac system or the garden pond water pump could be used more carefully and creatively. It might be a good idea to update them from time to time for the better ENERGY STAR efficient model. Some of the kiloWatt hours could be saved here.

There is a limited number of electrical devices, which could be completely eliminated from the average Canadian home. The appliances like electric hot plate, fancy electric coffee brewing centre, garburator, electric trash compactor and electric fire place consume the kiloWatt hours and life without them is not much different.

Limiting the availability or use of the home electrical appliances and gadgets is very personal and could mean different things for different people, but pursuing it will bring savings measured in the kiloWatt hours of the electrical energy.

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