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The microwave oven saves time and energy. It saves cooking time for sure, but how many people use the microwave oven for actual cooking? It is mostly used for heating up food that was stored in your fridge, defrosting food taken out of the freezer or nuking food before barbecuing it. Do you really need that huge and power hungry oven to heat up a TV dinner? The small sized microwave oven will probably use some 30 seconds more and half of the energy required by the large model.

The manufacturers rarely make the power usage data easily available for the buyer. It could be scary to realize, that the shiny feat of the technology in front of you uses anywhere from 600 to over 1200 Watts in the microwave head, plus probably another 100 Watts for the ventilation, turntable motors and the lights. The high power usage of the microwave oven is the reason that the Ontario Electrical Safety Code requires a separate outlet for the microwave oven in the kitchen. This rule applies to Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and GTA.
The Green Electrician will gladly install a new receptacle dedicated to your new microwave oven in your kitchen. For kiloWatt hour savings, use the smaller sized microwave oven, and do it only when necessary.

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