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The hometheatre entertainment system is highly integrated with the home computer network nowadays and is subject to electrical energy efficiency considerations.
The main power hungry element of the system is the display. It could take from 20 Watts for a small computer display, to over 1000 Watt of the electric power for an extra large wall size plasma display of the home theater. The overhead projectors are in a class by itself with special light bulbs consuming up to 400 Watts of electrical energy.
The energy consumed by the display is directly proportional to the screen square area, and the display technology used. With a comparable size of the display screen used, the most electrical energy consuming technology is the old CRTube, followed by Plasma, LCD, and LED being the least power hungry. The average Plasma display size at least doubled the average CRT display size. Plasma displays became the most power hungry today on the market. When buying a new Plasma display, be prepared for the high cost of using it. The cutting edge of the today's technology and efficiency is LED display with some new varieties appearing from time to time.
One savings mode applies to all kinds and sizes of the display. Keep them on only, when you need them!
Personal Computer would be the next important element of the home electronic system using on average 200 Watts when working, and much less in the hibernating power saving mode. The computer hardware like a scanner, router, modem, etc consumes less than 100 Watts of the energy as a whole, but keep them off when not in use, for the kiloWatt hour savings and the power surge protection. A very prominent place in the computer system energy consumption is the laser printer. Some larger models of the laser printer require the dedicated receptacle and electrical circuit. Consider it when setting up the home office.
The remaining elements of the home entertainment system like disc players, game consoles, TV boxes, etc require power in dozens of Watts for each of them, when working. Keeping them off when not in use saves on the vampire loads and is safe in case of the electrical surge.

The Green Electrician
will install the switchable Power Center in convenient locations, to accommodate a number of power supply cords for the elements of the computer or the entertainment systems.

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