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Electrical energy today is irreplaceable when it comes to lighting a home. We have to learn how to use it efficiently in order to minimize kiloWatt hours necessary to freely use the house. Two elements influence our energy usage for lighting purpose, namely: the light sources (bulbs) we use and the way we employ our light sources (bulbs) throughout the house. Comments regarding the light sources are placed separately on the Light Bulbs page and here we will check on strategies used in efficient light management. Lighting the house could be described as general lighting or task lighting. The task lighting is local and very specific to the task to be done. The only sizable example of the task lighting is discussed on the Kitchen Under Cabinet page.

Existing Preconditions
Lets get all those distractions out of the way, and proceed to the general lighting around the house. Direct light, right into your eyes may give the impression of a well lit place, but it really blinds us and is not very beneficial for our eyes. To prove it have a look right into the Sun. Our eyes are designed to see an indirect light bounced off objects. This effect is used very successfully in expensive cove lighting. Everyone who has seen a well designed cove lighting is impressed with a quality and elegance of the cove lighting system.

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Our Unique Offer

The Green Electrician can build the lighting system giving the same effect for a fraction of the cost, of a classic cove lighting. Five great reflectors to be used for bouncing the light off are already in place in every room. These are namely: the ceiling and the four walls! Just add four really small track lights with adjustable heads at a proper distance from walls close to each of the four corners of the room. Make them turn on/off from the same wall switch. The centre of the room location could be saved for an efficient ceiling fan, as discussed on the Ceiling Fan page.
Another way to get a very similar effect is to use a few tall floor lamps / torch lamps (of the emitting the light straight up variety). Lamps are placed in strategic spots around the room walls and supplied with power from a series of wall receptacles. The Green Electrician can redesign receptacles in your room to turn on/off from the wall switch and continue to supply power like they did before, at the same time.

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The Story Behind Our Offer
There are two opposite ways to get a well lit room and a huge number of setups in between. One end uses brute force of large wattage light sources and the opposite end uses a subtle adjustment of the room environment. White or light painted ceiling and the room walls will bounce off more of the light supplied, and in turn will require much less light and electrical energy supplied to keep required levels of comfort. Over the ages people kept room walls light coloured. It was Victorian England and the parallel European styles of the time, who began to cover walls and ceilings with dark colours to mask the soot coming from the fireplaces, candles, kerosene and gas lamps used then as light sources. In the 21st century we can afford to efficiently manage our light systems and live in a well lit and clean environment at the same time.

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