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Having the hydronic radiant heat floor is a splendid idea. Electric radiant heat floor is an idea requiring some further consideration. The radiant electric floor comes as a 120VAC or 240VAC installation with a standard 12 Watts per square foot. The most common installation place is the bathroom and the floor surface there is limited. The electric heat mats are available in units of anywhere from 10 to 160 square feet. In any scenario there will be several hundreds of Watts (up to 2 kilo Watts) locked right under the ceramic floor tiles. The radiant floor system mats come with a floor temperature sensor and an adjustable thermostat/timer wall unit.
electric heat mat

The expensive electric heat produced by the radiant floor could escape easily through an uninsulated house perimeter walls and the floor header. Make sure the mat and the sensor are tested as satisfactory before casting the concrete over the floor wiring. Fixing any faults later will be expensive and time consuming. Perhaps, some mineral wool insulation in the floor and in the walls will better keep all the heat on the floor surface and in the room? The saving of the kiloWatt hours could have many faces.

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