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What is your energy price that you have to pay for your utility? As an example let me use a popular utility company that is in our area, Toronto Hydro bill. During the time of writing this webpage, the TimeOfUse (TOU) billing system rates published on the first page of the residential bill were:

On-Peak @16.1c per kWh

Mid-Peak @12.2c per kWh
Off-Peak @8.0c per kWh

But is it really so? Lets go to the Toronto Hydro site and dig a little bit deeper! The billing structure is a sum of fixed charges and percentage per kWh of the energy used. Because of the unpublished and very secretive billing structure, these are only approximations of the additional charges you pay per kilowatt-hour.

Delivery Charge appears to have fixed part at 45.00 Cdn per account and additional consumption based charges for:
On-Peak @17.7c per kWh
Mid-Peak @3.0c per kWh
Off-Peak @0.0c per kWh

Regulatory Charge @0.7c per any kWh

Debt Retirement Charge @0.7c per any kWh
HST @ 13% per kWh

Now your real after tax TOU rates go up to:

On-Peak @39.78c per kWh
Mid-Peak @18.76c per kWh
Off-Peak @10.62c per kWh

You can expect them to creep up every half a year, forever.

After averaging the price for the kilowatt-hour in any continuous 24 hour period of a weekday we can come up with the cost of keeping a certain electrical device turned on. For example:

one 100W bulb turned on for a 1 weekday costs you 48 c
one 100W bulb turned on for 5 weekdays costs you 2.40 $
one 100W bulb turned on for a 2 days weekend costs you 51 c
one 100W bulb turned on for a 7 days regular week costs you 2.91 $

one 100W bulb turned on for a 31 days month costs you about 13.08 $
after accounting for 4 weekends

WOW !!!

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