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Due to the climate change, aging electrical systems and reckless use of electricity, Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and the GTA entered the era of occasional blackouts. The Northeast Blackout of 2003, hurricane Sandy sidekick of 2012, Toronto Flood of 2013 and Toronto Ice Storm of 2013 are just the beginning. On the top of Big Events are dozens of small local blackouts haunting Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and the GTA in recent years.

Get ready for the Next Big Event coming to your neighbourhood.

It is very likely that You do not need a fully fledged, expensive, standby backup power generator kicking in some thirty seconds after a blackout or brownout started. Contact us and let The Green Electrician install the Emergency Power Generator Hookup in your home/small business. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and inexpensive the basic legal Emergency Power Generator Hookup is.

power inlet reliance  power inlet lewiton  power inlet GE

Installation begins with the Power Inlet located outdoors, near the planned power generator. Its location protects the houses' atmosphere from contamination of exhaust fumes.

transfer panel siemens  transfer switch reliance

Properly sized conductors connect the Power Inlet with the Transfer Panel located near the Main Electrical Panel. The Transfer Panel contains all critical circuit breakers for your home and is wired between the Main Electrical Panel and the critical branches of your home/small business.
Beware of cheap, non certified and illegal Emergency Power Generator  Hookup "simple solutions". They could lead to so called FEEDBACK, that is when power from your generator goes back into the hydro grid and could injure or kill linemen fixing the line, or an unsuspecting neighbour, and a potential manslaughter charge.

Always demand electrical inspection of your Emergency Power Generator Hookup!

When sizing the Emergency Power Generator system the lowest acceptable comfort level has to be defined. Generally, more critical circuits will require more kiloWatts from a stronger and more expensive power generator, using more fuel and being more noisy. The fuel can cost from less than 20 $/day for 2 kWatts generator to well over 100 $/day for 20 kWatts generator. Noise pollution is always a problem with standby backup emergency power generator sets. In the average population density neighbourhood of Toronto you can go from envy to enemy in no time.

power generator basic

In our humble opinion the minimum backup emergency power generator has 2 kWatts peak power, triple fuel system (gasoline, Natural Gas, Liquid Propane Gas), be portable and manufactured by a reputable company (for ease of starting up and reliability).

main panel siemens              main switches

When the power outage persists for more than 1/2 hour Turn Off the Main Switch of your hydro supply and consider starting up your Emergency Power Generator. Turning Off the Main Switch will isolate your installation from the grid. This prevents initial violent return of the power and any contact with fellow Torontonians tinkering with Emergency Power Supply.
On newer electrical installations the Main Breaker (marked 100 or 200) functions as the Main Switch. It is located on the surface of one of the ends of the Main Electrical Panel (see black square on the left picture above). Just flip the Main Breaker to the Off position.
On older electrical installations the Main Switch is a separate metal box with handle on the right hand side (see pictures on the right above). Box is located between power conductors entry from the street and the Main Elecrical Panel. Pull the handle down to turn off the Main Switch.

To power up after the grid power is restored, flip the Main Breaker back to ON position or push the handle up respectively.

Emergency Power Generator startup generic sequence:
1.turn off the Main Switch
2.turn off ALL breakers in both Panels
3.start up and stabilize the Power Generator
4.connect the Power Generator and the Power Inlet
5.move the Transfer Switch to the Generator position
6.turn on breakers in the Transfer Panel, one by one, as necessary.

Emergency Power Generator power down generic sequence:

1.switch off one by one all breakers in the Transfer Panel
2.stop the Power Generator
3.disconnect the Power Generator and the Power Inlet
4.move the Transfer Switch to the Utility position
5.turn on the Main Switch
6.turn on, one by one, ALL breakers in both Panels, as necessary.

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Customers from Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and the rest of GTA please call / text 416.578.9258

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