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This chapter sounds like the basic home energy savings manual, but it could be good to repeat some obvious statements. Perhaps, seen from a different point of view will make more sense. There is nothing in it for The Green Electrician, because major kilowatt hours savings do not require an electrical contractors license. Just some common sense and money is enough.

The most energy you can save and the least expensive way to do it is .... INSULATING your house!
Did you know that getting attic insulation to R100 and walls to R70 will completely eliminate need for a heating system? Occupants living in there will create enough heat to live in the house. Above insulation values are on the high end, but getting an attic up to R60 and walls over R40 is likely going to cut your heating and air conditioning bills by half. Add a steel roof made of sheet steel covered with white reflective paint bouncing off over 95% of the Suns' heat radiation back into outer space, and your air conditioning bill decreases almost to zero. Make sure your windows are energy efficient and not over sized. Follow up with sealing of all the possible openings. There is never enough insulation! All you can do is only slow down the heat transfer inward or outward.

Electrical energy savings could be achieved by switching to other energy sources, free or less expensive. Hot water supply, drying clothes and cooking could be switched to natural gas, with better taste of food cooked on a gas top as an added bonus. Hot water supply could be switched to solar energy and cool air for a home air conditioning could be changed to earth tubes system placed underground in your backyard, but those are long shots.

Limited amount of electrical energy savings could be achieved by changing some of the ancient larger appliances for the ENERGY STAR efficient model. In process of doing so, some of them could be eliminated completely. Do you really need that second fridge, top load freezer or old dehumidifier in the basement? Visit Natural Resources Canada website to learn more about ENERGY STAR international standard for energy efficient consumer products.

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Last, but not least, another important area, where the electrical energy savings could be done is a lifestyle change. This would include wearing a sweater in the winter, getting used to ceiling fan in the summer, keeping your ceiling white and walls painted in very light colours, careful light management, etc. In order to be effective, electrical energy savings have to be more extensive than changing those old incandescent bulbs for a "new" CFLs.

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