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The ceiling fan is becoming an important electrical device, adding value to the comfort of living in today's household. In many instances it could replace or significantly support an air conditioner for a much lower cost. It comes in an incredible variety of designs available off the shelf in box stores, specialty stores or online stores. Unfortunately, most of the available ceiling fans are not efficient and did not earn ENERGY STAR mark. Their air mixing capabilities could be comparable to waving a wooden plank by hand.

To deal efficiently with the airflow, ceiling fan blades should have a proper airplane propeller-blade profile. Such a profile in mass production is done by an injection moulding process and the performance of a ceiling fan equipped with injection moulded blades is superior. The best bet for a superior, inexpensive ENERGY STAR efficient ceiling fan would be an industrial ceiling fan. It might be a challenge to find an aesthetically acceptable one, but any given industrial ceiling fan will be more efficient, quieter and longer living. The ceiling fan shown on the picture below is a very simple and efficient 60" Hampton Industrial model carrying the ENERGY STAR mark, and is available at HOME DEPOT stores. This particular model is equipped with the remote hardwired speed control.

hampton industrial fan

According to rules and regulations, ceiling fans should be installed in such a way, that there will be at least an 8 foot distance between the blades and the floor. This would require at least a 9 foot ceiling in the installation room. Most of the installations we have seen would be classified as illegal, and people present in the vicinity of such installation are at risk of a serious injury. There is a limited amount of ceiling fan designs allowed to be installed lower, a 7 foot distance, between blades and the floor. It translates into at least an 8 foot ceiling in the room. Generally, a safer ceiling fan will have a smaller blade-span or slower rotations. Look for ceiling fans, with not more than a 30" blade-span and at least 6 blades. A good example of such design is shown below. The Turbo Swirl ceiling fan carrying an ENERGY STAR mark and is available at RONA stores.

turbo swirl fan

When installing a ceiling fan in the room, try to stay away from wireless controlled ceiling fans, since the wireless control unit in the fan is just another piece of electronic hardware easy to break down and unavailable for replacement. Ceiling fans have to be installed carefully, not too close to a light source in the room, to avoid a strobe effect. Check our Lighting Options page for multi light source solutions.
The Green Electrician will install you a ceiling fan with minimal damage to your ceiling, and a new heavy duty electrical ceiling box, if necessary.

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